Newton Tony Primary School (CE VC)

'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

* Sports Day on Friday 12th July at 9.00am *

Our School Development Plan (SDP) is a strategic plan for improvement. It brings together, in a clear and simple way, the school priorities, the main measures we will take to raise standards, the resources dedicated to these, and the key outcomes we intend to achieve.

Our Aims:

1) To ensure progress and achievement improve in mathematics so more children at the end of KS2 achieve the expected standard in mathematics

2) Adults in the EYFS use their assessment of children’s learning in the early years to plan activities which help children to develop their early writing and number skills effectively (linked to our OFSTED report 2019 next steps).  

Click on the link below to read our School Development Plan: SDP 2023 2025