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'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

* Sports Day on Friday 12th July at 9.00am *

We welcome and support children from Service families.

When your child joins our school family they will receive a ‘military journey’ folder. This is an opportunity to share who in their family is a ‘military hero’ and their own journey through different schools and countries. We celebrate our partnership with Little Troopers and our British Armed Forces children and their families have access to child-focused support, providing fundamental resources and initiatives. Just create a free login and have access to lots of fun resources

The government provides a Service Premium for families. and we currently use this money to fund a free place for your child at our breakfast club. Due to the military wrap around child care scheme, this funding is no longer needed. We encourage all parents to register for tax free child care vouchers. From April 2024, we are introducing enrichment days for our military families: we look forward to sharing more details with you all!  Breakfast club funded places will stop following the introduction of these days. We will continue to provide pastoral support with our ELSA (Emotional Learning Support) programme, to support the emotional needs of our children especially when their parents are posted. Our school receives an extra £330 service premium a year for each child from a service family. Please inform us if you are a current serving service family or have been within the last 6 years. 

 Find out about your entitlement to service premium

Find out more about child care for service children

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SEND and military families

Wiltshire has one of the largest UK’s largest military communities thanks to the number of military establishments that operate within our borders, and veterans choosing to remain or return to live here.  They are passionate about supporting and understanding the needs of all residents, that includes those service members who have the unique requirements aligned with military life.  To read more about Wiltshire’s commitment to improving and maintaining positive integration to local communities, services and support visit:

We work closely with The Armed Forces Education Trust, who provide educational grants.


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