Newton Tony Primary School (CE VC)

'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

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We welcome and support children from Service families.

When your child joins our school family they will receive a ‘military journey’ folder. This is an opportunity to share who in their family is a ‘military hero’ and their own journey through different schools and countries.

The government fund military children with Service Premium and we use this money to fund a free place for your child at our breakfast club. We also provide pastoral support with our ELSA (Emotional Learning Support) programme. Our school receives an extra £310 service premium a year for each child from a service family. Please inform us if you are a current serving service family or have been within the last 6 years. 


Find out about your entitlement to service premium

Find out more about child care for service children

We work closely with The Armed Forces Education Trust, who provide educational grants.