Newton Tony Primary School (CE VC)

'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

* Year 6 Salisbury Cathedral Leavers Service on Monday *

Our Reception class is called Hedgehogs
Our Class teachers are Mrs Jordan and Mrs Parr
Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Taylor

Term Six

This term our Big Question is 'what if there wasn't any colour left?'

This week we have continued to look at the book The Rainbow Fish. We have created story maps to help retell the story, made Rainbow Fish biscuits and explored a real fish! We have also had lots of fun whilst learning through play.

This week we received a mysterious letter that contained clues that we had to follow. The clues led to a book called The Rainbow Fish. We enjoyed listening to the story and thinking about what makes a good friend. We have also had fun taking part in our Rainbow activities.

Term Five

This term our Big Question is 'what if we shrank to the size of an ant?'

Crazy Creatures
We were fascinated when Crazy Creatures came to visit with a selection of creatures from around the world. We learnt about giant millipedes, cockroaches, blue tongued skinks, turtles, tarantulas and got very excited when Ian brought a snake out for us to see, too!

Ugly Bug Ball

This week, the children were invited by Queen Bee to an official Ugly Bug Ball. We wrote back to her, in our neatest handwriting, telling her how excited we were to come. We designed masks for our costumes, decorated our classroom and also created a set of rules for all of the bugs to follow to be safe at the ball. Obviously, we loved having a feast at the banquet to celebrate the wonderful Queen Bee. We also have had great fun completing our rainbow activities, too.

Breakdancing workshop

To celebrate breakdancing being added to the Olympic sports this year, we had a breakdancing workshop, where we learnt our very own routine and watched Jack show us some of his amazing routines, too.

Some of us shared our performances with our friends, too!

Week 4
We have continued with our story Superworm, innovating the original story with our own ideas. I think Wizard Lizard may have fared better in the original story with only a small trip to the rubbish dump, compared to how some of our Hedgehogs would rescue Superworm! We have completed our Rainbow Activities and enjoyed our Wilderness Warrior sessions in some sunshine for once this term, too!

Week 3
This week we have been looking at the book Superworm. We have had fun retelling the story using puppets and also creating posters to warn people about the evil crow and Wizard Lizard. We have also had fun trying to complete our Rainbow Activities too.

Week 2
This week the children have continued learn the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have created our own story maps to help us retell the story and created our own version of the story too-gobbling through bananas, chocolate and doughnuts! We have also had lots of fun while learning through play.

Week 1
This week we had a shock when we discovered something had been nibbling on Mrs Jordan's salad. After going on a mini-beast hunt we decided it must have been the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Term Four

This term our Big Question is What if our Lunch Ran Away?

This week we went on a trip to Tesco to buy ingredients to make gingerbread men. We checked off items on our shopping list and then used the self service checkouts to scan and pay for the items. Once back at school we enjoyed making and eating gingerbread biscuits. Yum! We have also been making signs for a bakery, making up our own Gingerbread Man stories in the smallworld and making gingerbread playdough.

This week we had a massive shock when we entered our classroom as we found a crime scene! We looked at the clues, including some security footage and realised that the Gingerbread Man was the culprit. So we made wanted posters to help the police catch him. We have also enjoyed making our own paint using spices, acting out the story of The Gingerbread Man in the small world and making bridges to help the Gingerbread man get across the river.

This week we have had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day. We focused on the book 'Interview with a Tiger' and all dressed up as different animals. We also took part in a virtual event with the illustrator Axel Scheffler and enjoyed making our own animal masks.

We received a letter from Oliver explaining that he now loves vegetables and that vegetable pizza is his favourite. We made our own pizzas following Oliver's recipe and they were very scrummy! We have also been creating artwork in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo and writing lists and receipts in our fruit and veg shop. The GB athlete Kelly Simm came to visit our school and she did fitness circuits with us, they were lots of fun but very tiring!

This week we went on a vegetable hunt and found the book Oliver's Vegetables. After reading the story we tried some of the food that grows in Grandpa's garden. We have also been creating our own vegetable recipes, acting out the story Oliver's Vegetables in our small world, sorting healthy and unhealthy foods and painting with vegetables.

Term three

This term our Big Question is 'What if we had Lunch with a Witch?'

For Far Away Friday, we jumped on our plane and headed to USA. We got our boarding passes, exchanged money for Dollars and listened carefully to the plane take off instructions. We enjoyed trying a selection of food from the United States and all agreed it was delicious!

We have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood and were intrigued when Little Red came and asked us to warn people the Big Bad Wolf was still on the loose. We wrote words to describe the wolf on 'Beware' posters to let people know. We also had a Zoom with Granny where she explained Little Red hadn't brought her her basket of goodies, so Hedgehogs decided to help and created our basket of goodies for her, writing lists of things we thought she'd like. Look at the photos to see what else we've been up to, too!

We have been introduced to the story of Hansel and Gretel and had a shock when a red haired witch came and visited us. She asked us to her her make some revolting recipes and we created some truly horrendous ones including smelly socks and rat's tail! While the witch enjoyed her recipes, we have followed a gingerbread recipes and made some delicious gingerbread houses-yummy!

There was quite a kerfuffle in our class this week after we discovered someone had ransacked it leaving a trail of oats across our carpet area! We soon discovered it was Goldilocks, who was in fact just very hungry. We helped her write a sorry card for the Three Bears and made our own porridge, voting on whether plain, salty or sweet was the most delicious flavour (sweet won) and then wrote recipes for Goldilocks' parents to follow at home. We have been very busy in our Learning Through Play time too.

Term two

This term our Big Question is 'What if I Danced all Night?


What an amazing performance of our class Nativity 'Away in a Manger'. Weren't we all so brave performing our songs and lines in front of such a big audience!

We have continued with the Christmas theme this week. We have been dressing up as Elves, practising our Nativity performance, making reindeer food and writing lists for Father Christmas.

Christmas has arrived in Hedgehog Class! We have been learning about the Christmas story, making crowns, decorating our class tree and a cheeky elf even came for a visit!

Happy Birthday to You! This week we have been celebrating our class puppet's 5th birthday. We have made cakes, played party games and made birthday cards.

We have had a colourful week learning about Diwali. We took part in a Diwali dance workshop, retold the story of Rama and Sita and made Coconut Barfi.

Pop! Fizz! Bang! We have been learning about the story of Guy Fawkes and having fun doing lots of firework activities.

This week we have been looking at Remembrance and discussing the important people in out own lives that serve in the military too.

What a wonderful start to our school journey we have had! Making friends, exploring our environment and learning our school values!

Term one

This term our key line of enquiry is 'What if we had Superpowers?

We're going on a villain hunt

We created our own version of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' when we went on our own Villain hunt. Children enjoyed creating their own version, deciding on where we would travel and what it would look and sound like as we did so.

Real life superheroes

We've been thinking about real life superheroes and were so excited when Nurse Gowen came to visit us. She talked about her job and we learned about some of the tools and equipment she uses in her job. We had great fun putting bandages on some of her poorly patients too. We were also introduced to an old telephone and had lots of fun ringing some of our heroes using a special telephone book.