Newton Tony Primary School (CE VC)

'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

* Squirrels Class swimming lesson this Tuesday *

Welcome to our Year 3 and Year 4 Squirrels Class

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Hillier and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Leatham and Mrs Sweeney

This term our Key Question is ‘Is our world unique?’

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Spring Term


We have been learning about States of matter. We have found out the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We have done experiments with ice cubes to see what affect different temperatures of water had on them. We timed how long our finger took to dry on it's own and with us blowing on it. We also looked at how the water cycle worked using a glass jar, ice, foil and warm coloured water.

On-line safety day

We were learning to understand that technology's design can influence people's choices. We learnt that persuasive design is what companies use to try to persuade us to use their apps and purchase things from them. We then thought about how the internet influences us and how it can change people's thoughts, feelings and behaviour both positively and negatively.
We had a taster session of badminton. Great fun!

Number Day

We all dressed up in numbers and did fun maths activities to raise money for the NSPCC.


Christmas sewing. We all designed and made a felt hanging decoration. Our brief was to use a patch to applique onto our decoration and to use cross stitch either to sew the patch on or as decoration.

We made Christmas biscuits. We had to read the recipe and follow it in the correct order. We used maths because we had to weigh out all the ingredients accurately. Mrs Hillier and Mrs Sweeney put our biscuits in the oven for us.

Saint Nicholas

We all took part in fund-raising for Children in Need and Alzheimers.

Anti-bullying week

We all participated in anti-bullying week.  We wore our odd socks and invented our own anti-bullying heroes.

Diwali Dance Worshop

Remembrance Day

We wrote poems about remembrance.

Story telling through drawing

We have been thinking about story telling through drawing. We looked at different artists before practicing with different mediums. We then chose how we wanted to illustrate our concertina Jabberwocky Book. We shared our books with the Badgers class.

Anglo Saxon Workshop

We had a wonderful Anglo Saxon workshop where we learnt about how the Anglo Saxons lived, what tools and weapons they had, how they dressed, who their kings were, what games they played, how they wrote and how they fought.

Harvest Sheaf Loaf
We made a harvest sheaf loaf for our Harvest Festival

We are learning about forces. We thought about the different ways we could move balls.

In PE we are learning to play hockey.