Newton Tony Primary School (CE VC)

'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

* School photographer Monday morning *

Our Voice

We believe that everybody cares and everybody counts …


We like this school because I have lots of friends to play with and everybody is kind to each other. Everybody gets treated fairly. Our teachers are trustworthy, kind and caring and are always there to help if we need them. (Lily and Heidi)


I like how our school let me make up a gymnastics lunchtime club. (Maddie)

I like our school learning values. They are pride, resilience and respect. I designed resilience – it is Tango the tortoise! (Leuan)

I love playing the guitar and learning new things in Maths and English with my teachers. (Noah)

We like playing football with our friends. We are allowed to make up our own lunch time clubs. (Marley and Jake)

We love this school because we are comfortable with all our friends and we know the teachers are all there for us. (Dominik)

I like being in a small school because you get more opportunities to take part in sport tournaments. (Craig)

This school is great because they ix year groups together so you can work with older and younger children. (Jasher)

I like this school because there are many trips and events. It is more likely for you to be chosen for events because we are in a small school. (James)

We can trust everyone here and it is safe as well. (Abigail and Isobel)

We love this school because the teachers are caring and it is a mixed school. We love this school as there are no bullies. (Elliot and Cecil)