Newton Tony Primary School (CE VC)

'Love One Another As I Have Loved You' (John 15:12)

* Crazy Creatures Workshop 22nd May *

We believe that music plays an integral role in helping children to feel part of a community, therefore we provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music both in class and to an audience. Through assemblies and performances, children showcase their talent and their understanding of performing with awareness of others. Our curriculum enables children to develop their skills, appreciate a wide variety of music and begin to appraise a range of musical genres.

When and what do we teach in Music?

Our music pathway ensures the progressive development of musical concepts, knowledge and skills

Music Curriculum Pathway

How do we support children in developing Art skills and knowledge from EYFS to KS1?

EYFS to KS1 curriculum links to Art, DT and Music

What music skills and knowledge do we want each child to achieve by the end of each year?

Music skills and knowledge

What does the progression of skills and knowledge look like ?

We use KAPOW as our subject specialism scheme of work to deliver our curriculum. 

Mixed-age progression of skills

Which music vocabulary do we learn?

Click on the link to explore the musical vocabulary that the children learn in lessons: Music-vocabulary