Breakfast Club

Welcome to our Early Bird Breakfast Club !

Our Early Bird Club is organised by Mrs Anderson, who is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and also qualified Emotional Learning Support Assistant. Our Early Bird breakfast club welcomes children from 7.30am.  Children remain in their two separate bubbles and we are currently only accepting fifteen children in each bubble, due to Covid 19 government guidelines.  

Military Families : We fund breakfast club for your children if you are a parent/s or step parent serving in the British Armed Forces (currently serving or a parent that has left within the last six years), using your child’s Service Premium.

There is a choice of fruit, vegetable, raisins, yoghurt and scotch pancake for breakfast.  Children who arrive after 8.00am are unable to access breakfast but can attend the Early Bird Club.   After breakfast, they have the opportunity to practise their ‘Mathletics’ skills on our laptops, participate in create and craft activities eg lego building and playdoh or play games outside that develop their communication and socialising skills.

Breakfast Club cost: £2.50 per child.  Please contact the school office to book a place at the club.