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Our Design and Technology pathway enables children to record what they see and feel first-hand. They are encouraged to develop their creativity through both indoor and outdoor sensory, tactile and visual experiences. Our learning outside the curriculum programme enriches these experiences eg. foraging for nettles and then making nettle teabags. Our children’s ability to control tools and materials improves over time due to our sequenced learning opportunities, starting in EYFS and continuing throughout the key stages.  We give children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products. We feel it is vital to nurture creativity through design and explore the ‘designed and made’ world in which we live in.

For more information about DT explore the links below:

When and what do we teach in DT lessons?

Click on our DT curriculum pathway which outlines our long term learning journey.  

DT Curriculum Pathway Cycle A and B

How do we support children in developing DT skills and knowledge from EYFS to KS1?

EYFS to KS1 curriculum links to Art DT and music

What DT skills and knowledge do we want each child to achieve by the end of each year?

Cooking and Nutrition knowledge and skills

Electrical Systems knowledge and skills

Mechanisms knowledge and skills

Structures knowledge and skills

Textiles knowledge and skills

What does the progression of skills and knowledge look like ? We use KAPOW as our subject specialism scheme of work to deliver our curriculum. 

Mixed Age DT-Progression-of-skills-and-knowledge