At Newton Tony school, we teach daily spelling in EYFS and Y1 as part of the Little Wandle Phonics programme. When children get to Y2-Y6, we teach using the no nonsense spelling programme. We
follow a model of five spelling sessions across two weeks, except in Year 2 where sessions are daily.
No Nonsense Spelling provides clear progression, allowing children to revisit and review, learn new strategies and apply. A variety of strategies are suggested so that children with different learning styles can find out what works well for them. The programme builds on high-quality phonics teaching by supporting children in understanding morphology, spelling strategies, the orthographic nature of words, patterns, word origins, common exception words and personal spellings.

Programme of study

Year 2 Termly overviews

Autumn 1 term  Autumn 2 term  Spring 1 term  Spring 2 term   Summer 1 term  Summer 2 term

Year 3 Termly overviews

Autumn 1 term  Autumn 2 term Spring 1 term Spring 2 term  Summer 1 term  Summer 2 term

Year 4 Termly overviews

Autumn 1 term  Autumn 2 term  Spring 1 term  Spring 2 term   Summer 1 term    Summer 2 term

Year 5 Termly overviews


Year 6 Termly overviews


We also subscribe to ‘spelling frame https://spellingframe.co.uk/, allowing every child access to online spelling games to reinforce their classroom learning. The school council introduced a ‘spelling shop’ , where children can exchange spelling credits for stationary linked rewards e notepad, gel pens, pencils

Parent resources

Year 1 and Year 2 National Curriculum spelling list

Fun spelling-activities-challenge-cards_

Strategies for learning-spellings