Hedgehogs Class

Our Reception Year class is called Hedgehogs

Our class teachers are Mrs Jordan and Mrs Parr

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Taylor

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Term 5


The children were shocked to discover that not only had Wizard Lizard kidnapped Superworm, he had also stolen the words and picture from the end of our book! We set to work to follow clues and sent letters and notes to the police to help them catch that troublesome wizard! We have also been exploring lotsĀ  of fun activities in our provision to help us become emerged in the Superworm book.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hedgehog Class had a bit of a shock when they realised something had nibbled though some of their fruit and vegetables. After some investigation they decided it must have been the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Term 4

Oliver’s Vegetables.

We read the book Oliver’s Vegetables and listened to how Oliver disliked lots of vegetables, but with the help of his Grandad, learned to love them. Just like Oliver, we have enjoyed investigating lots of different fruit and vegetables during our Learning Through Play time.

World Book Week

We love reading at Newton Tony so much that we had a whole week dedicated to some of our favourite books.

Little Red Riding Hood

This week, we have been looking at the book Little Red Riding Hood. We have enjoyed many different activities while Learning Through Play including number recognition, making maps, counting out teeth for the Big Bad Wolf and many others.

Number Day

The children have helped support the NSPCC during our Number Day. Have a look at some of the fun number activities we have enjoyed investigating.

Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi! The children have enjoyed celebrating the year of the Tiger as we learnt about the Chinese New Year. We tried different types of Chinese food, learnt to write some Chinese numbers and had lots of fun trying to use chop sticks.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Hedgehogs had the shock of their lives after coming in to class after lunch to find out the classroom had been ransacked by a mysterious person. We used our investigation skills and deduced it must have been Goldilocks.

We have enjoyed completing lots of enhancements around the story over the last two weeks.

Term 3

Our Key Line of Enquiry this term is ‘ What if you had lunch with a witch?’ We have lots of exciting activities planned to help us answer the question. We’ve jumped straight in with activities based around the story Hansel and Gretel.


We hope you all enjoyed our Nativity at the end of Term 2. We had great fun learning the songs and dances, acting and dressing up!

Happy Birthday!

Hedgehogs were ecstatic to hear it was Lucy, our class puppet’s 5th birthday. We decided to throw her a party complete with delicious cakes!


With so many parents, grandparents and friends in the military, we enjoyed learning about Remembrance. We looked closely at why we wear poppies.

Boo, Bang and Boom

It’s been full of Boo, Bangs and Booms in Hedgehog Class as we’ve celebrated the season turning to autumn and our very own Newton Tony Bonfire Night.


What a term! We have been looking at some real life superheroes, rescuing superheroes and lots of fun activities to develop our fine motor control.

Oh No, Emergency!

We’ve had an eventful few weeks in school: Mr Freeze has stolen our class puppet Lucy AND Evil Pea has captured Mrs Jordan’s dinner and held the vegetables hostage!

Take at look at some of the fabulous learning that has come from these problems.

Settling in

Well what a wonderful few weeks we have had; making friends, learning new rules and having lots and lots of fun!