Maths rules


At Newton Tony CE VC Primary School we actively encourage children to love maths! We have two after school maths clubs: -Magical Maths Club and Mathletics Maths Club.  We also have a Mad Science After School Club that explores everyday maths. Children work towards achieving their maths objectives in their Around the World Maths learning passports.  Their success is identified on our Maths around the world display… come in and have a look.  Children are challenged daily through our use of White Rose maths problems and Mastery Challenges.  In February we participated in National Number Day 2019 , we raised funds for the NSPCC by taking part in a range of number activities and dressing in number themed outfits. For more information click on the following links NSPCC Number day 2019

Learn to love maths as a family

  • Hone your powers of estimation and feel for quantity by guessing the number of peas on your plate, people in a room, Smarties on a cake, etc. Make an instantaneous estimate, then count them one by one to see how you did.
  • At the supermarket, guess how much the contents of your basket will cost before you start passing the items through the machine. Add up the prices as you go around the shop to practice working on calculations for longer.
  • When doodling, draw mathematically. Play with symmetry by creating ambigrams, which are words written in such a way that when you turn them upside down they read exactly the same.