Squirrels Class

Welcome to Squirrels Class


Autumn Term 2022

Our Key Line of Enquiry is How can we make a difference?

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We visited Stonehenge to start our learning about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  We thought about how the people from thousands of years ago found and made things to  make a difference to their lives.  

Queen Elizabeth II.We started this term with reflecting on how Queen Elizabeth II made a difference to our lives: through service and love. 

We celebrated the amazing life of Queen Elizabeth II and her achievements over the past 70 years. 


  Young Writers

In 2022, three of our Year 4 children received certificates from the Rotary Club for their entries into the Young Writer competition last year.   Congratulations to them!


We made a Harvest Sheaf loaf for our service in the church. How do farmers make a difference in the world?

We also wrote prayers for our Harvest service.

Dear God,

Thank for our world.

Thank you for the fields, trees and rivers, that are part of our world that allow us to grow our fruit and vegetables.  Thank you for trees that give us apples and pears, for bushes that provide blackberries and raspberries and for fields that provide wheat.

Thank for the sunshine and the rain to grow the crops.

Thank you for our wonderful world,


Dear God,

Thank you for our farmers who look after animals and grow our crops.

Thank you for people, machines and animals who harvest our crops.

Thank you for people who look after the machinery.

Thank you for fishermen who catch our sea food.

Thank you for sailors who deliver the food to all different parts of our world.