Squirrels Class

Our Year 3 and 4 class is called Squirrels


Autumn Term

Welcome to Squirrels Class.

Our Key Line of Enquiry is What does a hero look like?


The Year 4s found a dragon-fruit outside our classroom.  We are reading a book about a boy who hatched a dragon from a dragon-fruit so we put it on our windowsill.   One morning the children came in to discover it had hatched and a tiny dragon was sitting high up on our window.

Wilderness Warriors

We have been taking part in Wilderness Warriors.  We have made clay creatures, built them a home and made our own dens.


Below are our expectations for the class returning to school in September 2021

Expectations September 21

We will be reading many wonderful books this year.    Please see the letter below with details of some of them.

Squirrels book letter