Children's Voice

“I love the school because it does good learning like when we did the Gingerbread Man.”

“I love my teacher!”

“ Newton Tony is a great school because of the friends that are made and the teachers help us learn. Everyone is especially kind and caring towards each other and that is what makes Newton Tony School a great place.”

“What I like about this school is that there are After School Clubs and they are really fun. Also there are lots of fun lessons to do like Science and Music. But I think the best thing about the school is how everyone behaves because everyone is kind and generous to each other and they always let you join in their games.”

“ I think our school is caring because people help and take care of others. The teachers are helpful and pretty. Our Headteacher is amazing! We do Collective Worship and we sing- it’s really fun!”

“ Our school is very special because we are an Eco school and nature friendly. We make bird houses and put them around the school. The teachers are friendly and so are the pupils. We go to church every Thursday and learn about God and Jesus.”

  ”The school is so brilliant as it has so many toys.”

“It was fun when the Big Bad Wolf came to visit us. It wasn’t Mrs Jordan as she was locked in the toilet! It’s fabulous!”

“We come to school to learn words, writing and everything that’s important.”

“My favourite part of school is meeting new friends and playing with them.”

“My favourite part of school is doing writing because we get to write our own words so we can learn.”

“I like learning times tables for test so I can get 12 out of 12.”

“Yes we do everything- play isn’t really very good, you need to work all day so you can learn. But we do get to play sometimes.”

“Our school has loads of computers and we can go on Mathletics and games and all sorts of stuff.” .

“Newton Tony Village is a good village because it’s little and it has a good school. Why is it a good school because we learn lots of Literacy and Maths. I come from Sweden and I didn’t have any friends but now I’ve got lots of friends.”