Additional Support

We are extremely lucky to have small class sizes at our school, this enables us to provide tailored provision during every lesson.  Each class has a Teaching Assistant who supports children’s learning on a daily basis.  dditional support throughout the school is delivered by Mrs Anderson who has worked in this area of education for over 10 years.  Through pupil progress meetings, the teachers identify the children who are not reaching their targets and who need targeted support. Mrs Anderson works closely with the teaching staff to test the pupils and identify the best strategies.

The support is administered through a range of programmes. This may be through one-to-one support or in small groups.

The pupils identified often need a short spell of targeted help to ensure they make the required progress and each child is treated according to their individual needs.

Pupils with a specific learning area are supported through strategies in and out of the classroom. The school works closely with the outside agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Child and Adult Mental Health, the School Nurse and Social Services, to ensure our pupils receive the best possible care.

Individual Educational Plans (IEP) are put in place to support our learners who are experiencing difficulty. Through receiving copies of the IEP and regular consultations with teachers, parents are kept informed of their child’s progress.


Some of the programmes used are:

  • Clicker for Literacy
  • Rapid Reading and Writing
  • Handheld Phonics for work
  • AcceleRead/AcceleWrite
  • Catch up Numeracy for gaps in Maths
  • Social Skills groups for co-operation with others
  • Wolf Hill and Rapid Phonics reading schemes.