Badgers Class

Our Year 4  Year 5   Year 6  class is called Badgers Class

A huge welcome to all our new Year 4 children who have moved up from Squirrels Class.  We know you will enjoy being a Badger!

Our Autumn Topic is Our blue Planet

We are learning to classify living organisms and finding out about weird and wonderful animals! Did you know there are over 8.7 million different animal species on our Earth. 6.5 million species are on the Land and 2.2 million species are in the Ocean.  Badgers class wonder how many are in another galaxy ?!

Our previous learning:

If you would like to learn some amazing Roman facts click on the following link   Roman Britain!

Our “Unique Universe”

We hosted an ‘Our Galaxy and Beyond’ presentation afternoon for Hedgehogs class.  We have discovered that the Moon has Phases (and is not made from cheese), Pluto is a Dwarf Planet and that one day people may live on Mars.  The younger children asked us many interesting questions and we all enjoyed learning new information, especially relating to aliens!

 ” Mysterious Maya

We enjoyed learning about the Ancient Maya Civilization, even the scary parts!  We designed and painted our own Maya Art and practised writing secret messages using the Mayan alphabet.  We discovered that the Maya had 150 gods, imagine having to pray to all those gods!  The Playground leaders even organised a game of Pok-a-Tok, thankfully we did not follow their rules relating to the losing team!

Christmas Cakes

We made mini Christmas cakes with the Hedgehog Class.  We helped the younger children to follow a recipe, measure out ingredients and check the temperature of the oven was correct.  We are looking forward to eating the cakes! Do we have to wait until Christmas?


We have been practising our investigation skills and learning new scientific language.  As part of our ‘teeth’ project we have been analysing which liquid would cause tooth decay… we used eggs not teeth! Surprisingly a certain brown fizzy drink did not do the most damage – it was pineapple juice instead!   Thank you to our dental nurse, Mrs French, who came and taught us about dental hygiene.

Cake Sales

We organised two bake sales this half term – one for Jeans for Genes day and one to raise money for MacMillan.  Thank you for all the donated cakes and to everyone who spent money buying them.


Black History Month

We studied many different talented and successful Black People throughout History.  We produced a book based on Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela’s ideology, it helps people to keep hoping for a peaceful future.  We decided that everyone is different and unique but everyone is equal.  We enjoyed looking at African art and designing our own African mask.  We have decided to support a link orphanage in Ghana, thank you to Mrs Lomotey for teaching us about Africa and how the children in our orphanage will benefit from our donations.  We are also hoping to benefit from learning more about African culture when the children write to us and send us photos.

Den Building

We love outdoor learning especially den building!  We use our problem solving skills and work as teams.  It is a great feeling when we finally manage to finish our dens and have resolved all the problems along the way!  We love forest school activities – recently we have made crosses from sticks and nailed them to our tree, to remember that Jesus’ cross was made from wood.

Anglo Saxons

We learned about Amazing Anglo Saxons and we discovered a fantastic amount of information during this topic.  We decided to ask Miss Priestley if we could make our own display in school for visitors to learn from.  Everyone contributed to the display and we all worked together to design an Amazing Anglo Saxon display.  Please come and have a look !

Click the following link for more information  Autumn Topic Web