Hedgehogs Class

Our YR class is called Hedgehogs Class


Our class teachers are Mrs Jordan and Mrs Moore our TA is Mrs Taylor.

Term 4

We have returned to school after lockdown full of enthusiasm! We have started by learning about the Gingerbread Man. We thought about how we can make ten, played games, and made delicious gingerbread men to eat for our snack!

Term 2

Birthday Celebrations

This week has been a very special week in Hedgehogs class as it was our class puppet, Lucy’s, birthday! We made cards and presents, friendship bracelets, role played birthday parties, and finished by making Lucy her very own cake!

Birthday card station

Teddy Bears Birthday party

Birthday role play

Cloud dough cakes

Playdough cupcakes

Friendsip bracelet station

Cloud dough cakes

Counting out candles for playdough cup cakes

Twirling ribbons in the air

Measuring flour


Sieving the flour

Weighing the sugar

Pouring in the eggs

Mixing the cake


We’ve kicked off our Diwali celebrations with lots of pattern and colour around the classroom.


What a great start to the term! We have started our new topic on Celebrations and Festivals by celebrating Bonfire Night! We watched a firework display on the whiteboard before going on a walk of the grounds to find sticks. We used these to build our own bonfires in teams, before enjoying a nice hot chocolate! We then thought about why we put Guys on top of the fire and made our own.

Collecting sticks

Building our fires


Building our fires


Enjoying a hot chocolate

Creating our guys

The guys on the bonfire!

Term 1

Hedgehog class have noticed an increasing amount of baddies in school over the last few weeks e.g. Evil Pea, Mr Freeze etc and so we have decided to take matters into our own hands; we have been on a villain hunt!

We’re going on a villain hunt.

We’re going to catch a big one.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared!


What a term already! We have enjoyed getting to know our new school friends, environment and rules!