Our values

We are a small, rural Primary School in the village of Newton Tony, our pastoral care is the key to ensuring children thrive academically and emotionally.  At the heart of our school is the provision of an inclusive, outdoor learning environment, we aim to capture the magic of all children and inspire them to flourish, building their self-esteem in a caring, safe and secure environment.

We encourage children to develop their own set of values which encompass our school Christian values:

Love, Hope, Courage and Forgiveness.

Our chosen learning values:

Pride, Respect and Resilience.

We aim that children will leave our school, equipped for lifelong learning remembering it with happiness.

  • We are kind, caring and respectful to each other.
  • We are tolerant and accepting of different opinions and beliefs.
  • We offer a creative, academic curriculum which meets the needs of all our children.
  • We provide a secure, healthy and happy environment where children flourish building their self-esteem.
  • We strive to work together to achieve the best we possibly can for our school and ourselves.
  • We encourage children to be aware of and curious about their environment in a local, national and global sense.