Gifted and Talented

Gravity and Gunpowder – James and James C attended the Gravity and Gunpowder course at Braeside. “We made our own rockets and then learnt how to launch them safely.  We had to follow the Rocket and Launch Safety Rules because there is no warning before the gunpowder explodes!” “We used gunpowder to launch the rockets.  It was great fun seeing them launch off!” The boys now want to launch them into orbit because they could win $10,000!

The Big Bang Science Fair -The fair was attended by eight of our pupils. They enjoyed a day of hands-on activities in a busy but fun environment. This is what they said:-

It was a really fun and amazing experience” “It was interesting and experimental. I WANT TO GO AGAIN.”

Royal Festival Hall to see London Philharmonic Orchestra – Nine of our year 2 pupils were excited to see a ‘real live’ orchestra. The orchestra played Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” among other pieces and we all sang Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at the end.

“Early in the morning  we went to Amesbury to catch a gigantic bus. We went all the way to London to see the London Philharmonic Orchestra. We had a very bumpy journey as the bus kept stopping because we were stuck in traffic but we got there on time.” “The London Philharmonic Orchestra were very loud. They  played high and low notes. The conductor, Timothy Redmond, introduced all the different families of instruments in the orchestra. The orchestra made high and low notes, the high ones were very quiet. We found out the harp has 42 strings!” “After lunch we walked along the embankment by the River Thames. We saw the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament..”

G & T visit to Stonehenge School -Fostering our links with the local Comprehensive school, the pupils explored the computer program KUDO using the ICT Suite at Stonehenge School.

G & T  Visit to Amesbury Library -Year 2 pupils visited Amesbury Library where they enjoyed  a day learning about different authors and exploring the library.

G & T Visit to Bath Spa University -Children from each of the cluster schools were invited to visit Bath Spa University. The aim of the visit was to encourage the pupils to  aspire to do well in school in order to go to University.

Art Exhibition for the Cluster- After gaining  inspiration from  the Constable Exhibition in Salisbury, the pupils embarked on their own art work using a range of different media. They then embarked on the task of organising an Art Exhibition which was held a few weeks later in Antrobus House.