Squirrels Class

Our Year 2 and 3 class is called Squirrels

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Welcome to our new members of Squirrels Class.

Our topic this term is Fire!  Please click on the link below to see our topic web.

Fire! Autumn Term

Anti-bullying week – Choose respect

On Monday we all wore our odd socks to celebrate our individuality and what makes us unique.   Socks all look different but all do the same job so this helps us understand that although people may look different we are all equal.  We then made some sock puppets.


We had an amazing day celebrating the centenary of the end of World War 1.  We split into our house groups and took part in different activities.   We enjoyed making trench cake, which was very tasty, experiencing the sounds in the trenches and making poppies.  We had a serving member of the forces come in and talk to us about his job.  We all dressed up for the day.


We made some clay poppies to put with our Remembrance soldier outside.

Black History Month

We have looked at two artists, Lois Mailou Jones and Alma Woodsey, and done some artwork based on their work.


We have been thinking about directions.  We programmed beebots to turn left or right and clockwise or anticlockwise.   The Year 3s also thought about angles when they were rotating.



Our topic this term is Light and Shadow.  We drew round our friend’s shadows to see how shadows changed throughout the day.

Harvest Festival

We made a Harvest bread sheaf for our Harvest Festival.  We all worked together to weigh, mix and knead the ingredients.   We made two so that we could use one as decoration in the church and we could eat one.  It was delicious!


In PE we have been playing hockey.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to control the ball but we are improving all the time!


We had a visit from the NSPCC.  We learnt that children can be hurt on the outside and the inside.  We found that Childline is open all the time and we learnt the number to ring using actions.  We all know that we all need to “Speak out.  Stay safe”.

New Beginnings

We all talked about what our own talents were and how we were all different.  We then mixed our own skin colours and painted our self portraits.  What a talented class we are!

Summer Term

Our topic this Summer Term is “Stone Age to Iron Age”.  Please click on the link to see our topic web.

Stone Age topic web

Nature Walk

We had a nature walk on the Reserve.  We heard and saw many grasshoppers!  We also saw lots of butterflies and found out the names of the different species of flowers and plants we saw.

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

We all enjoyed participating in the school production.


We had an amazing trip to Stonehenge.   After looking around the exhibition we used a Discovery Feast box to find out about what the Stone Age people ate.  Then we looked around the replica Stone Age houses.  After lunch we had a guided tour around the Stones when we were able to ask questions.  Finally, we were allowed to walk up a barrow where we pretended to be burying our Queen.  It was a fantastic trip!


We took part in Socceraid.  Our Rights Respect Warriors set up a course on the playground that we went round.  Each House had to try to do it in the quickest time!

Fire Safety Visit

We had a visit from Caroline on Wednesday to help us to remember how to stay safe if there was a fire.  We learnt some rhymes to help us:

Matches, lighters never touch!  They can hurt you very much.

Sniff, sniff, sniff.  Beep, beep, beep.  Test your smoke alarms once a week.

Non-fiction writing

We have been thinking about non-fiction writing in English.  Everyone wrote about their own machine that they would like to have to please someone in their family.  Everyone used headings and thought about what might be pleasing to their person.  Below is a link to read about one machine – The Grandad Pleaser machine.

The Grandpa Pleaser Machine

Royal Wedding

We have been making cup cakes to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry to Megan Markle.  First we had to design the cakes – two of the designs were chosen to be made.

St George’s Day

After an assembly learning about Saint George, our patron Saint, we worked in house groups doing different activities.




Our Science this term is plants.  We went outside and sketched different plants in our grounds.

Spring Term

Our topic this Spring Term is “Our Wonderful World”.  Please click on the link to see our  topic web.

Wonderful World topic web

Easter Garden and Easter Bonnet competition.

We entered the school competition.  What fantastic hats and gardens!

Easter Eggs!

This term we have been thinking about Easter.   We have made our own Easter eggs using papier mache.

First we put papier mache over a balloon.  Next we covered the eggs with green and blue tissue paper to make it look like a world.  Then we put scenes onto the egg to remind us of the Easter story.

First we put palm leaves to remind us of Jesus going into Jerusalem on a donkey and being welcomed in with people waving palms – Palm Sunday.  Next we put on a picture to remind us of the Last Super – Jesus gave his friends bread and wine to remind us of his body and his blood that he gave for us.    This is Maundy Thursday.  Then we put three crosses on to show Jesus’ crucifixion on Good Friday.  Finally we put a tomb on to show where Jesus’ body was laid.  The stone had rolled away when Mary came to visit.  An angel was inside who asked Mary why she had come to a tomb to visit the living.  Jesus had risen from the dead.  This is when we celebrate Easter Sunday.

Easter Cooking

We made Hot Cross Buns and chocolate rice crispy biscuits for Easter.

Sports Relief

We took part in the Sports Relief mile today.

Salisbury Cathedral

We went to Salisbury Cathedral to think about the beauty of maths.  We walked around the Cathedral looking at all the different shapes we could find.  We also thought about tessellations, parallel lines and clocks.  Salisbury Cathedral has a very old clock with no face!  The clock mechanism used to ring a bell every hour so that people knew when it was time to pray.  We looked at other clocks and realised that we don’t always need numbers on clock faces  – by looking at the position of the hands we were able to say what the time was.  We also looked at Roman numerals and used these to make a clock.

World Book Day

In Squirrels class we looked at the book “Where my wellies take me”.   In this story Pippa, who loves poetry, puts on her wellies and goes for a walk.  The book is illustrated with sketches and paintings throughout.  There are poems by famous poets that are linked to where she is walking.

We put on our wellies and went for a walk in Newton Tony.  We looked at the church and climbed up the hill to look over the village.  When we got back we wrote our own poems about the church and painted a watercolour picture to illustrate our poem.    We have designed our own covers to put on our books and will continue to add to them throughout the year.

World Thinking Day

We have been learning about why there is a Thinking Day.  We learnt about how girl guiding and girl scouting was set up and every year on Lord and Lady Baden-Powell’s birthday they think about the world.  This years theme was Impact and we thought about what impact we could have on the world.

Internet safety day.

We constructed a web to show how we are all connected to each other.  Then we thought about our own digital footprints.

Number Day

We took part in the NSPCC’s Number Day.  We carried out a survey to see how children usually travelled to school and then made a bar chart.

We also did “maths art”.  Some of us coloured patterns using dice to determine which colour to use and others made tessallation patterns.

Forces and Magnets

We have been learning that magnets have two poles and they will either attract or repel each other depending on which poles are facing each other.  We discovered that some forces need contact between two objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance.  We found out that some materials are attracted to magnets and some are not.  We also experimented using different types of magnets to see which was the strongest.

We have designed and made our own magnetic games!


We have been learning about how volcanoes formed.  We used Oreos to show how the tectonic plates move in different ways at their boundaries.   The earth is made up of 15 tectonic plates which are continuously moving!  There are three types of plate boundary – transform, convergent and divergent.  We decided we were glad that we don’t live  near the “ring of fire”!



We made a collage to show how God created our Wonderful World.


We have been thinking about the aesthetics of buildings in our Wonderful World.  We looked at pictures of famous buildings and chose our favourite.  We liked different buildings and had different reasons for why we had chosen our favourite.  We then chose a building to sketch.


In maths we have been thinking about symmetry.





In P.E. we have been learning how to be gymnasts.

Autumn Term

Our topic this Autumn term  is “Here be Dragons!” Please click the link to see our topic web.    Here be dragons!

Christmas activities

After designing our own decorations we used blanket stitch to make them.


Christmas biscuits

We made stain glass window biscuits.


Christmas plates

We designed our own Christmas plates.



We each coloured our own reindeer.


Shoes for St. Nicholas

We have been thinking about different traditions around the world at Christmas time.  We all made a shoe to be left out for St. Nicholas on 5th December.  When we came to school on 6th December every shoe had a chocolate in it!


Christmas Cakes

We all made a mini Christmas cake.  Mrs Foster brought the ingredients and  showed us what we needed to do!  Thank you Mrs Foster for all your help.


Viking Boats!

We made our own Viking boats.  First we had to design the shields, sail and dragon head.  Then we used cardboard boxes to create the shape of the longships before using mod-roc to ensure that they were stable and could be painted.  Next, we painted the boats, made the shields and painted our sail designs before putting them together.



Bonfire Night!

We learnt all about Guy Fawkes and why he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament.  We acted out the story in the hall.

We painted fireworks using pipe cleaners, straws, marbles and other things we found around the classroom!


Den Building

We have been den building – using our problem solving skills and working as a team.

Harvest Festival

We made a bread wheat sheaf to take to our Harvest Festival in church.

Black History Month

During the first week of October we thought about Black History.  We learnt about Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Mother Seacole and George Washington Carver.

George Washington Carver by LF

Harriet Tubman by CL

Rosa Parks by EMW

We also looked at our own skin colours and tried to mix paints to match.  We then placed all the different colours together to show that we are all different but at the same time the same.


We also looked at some African paintings and masks.



We have been thinking about the human skeleton.  We measured our friends to find the biggest bone in our body.  Then we investigated whether children with longer legs jumped further than those with shorter legs.


Musical Moments 

We have been discovering more about musical instruments.


Dental Health

Mrs French came in to talk to us about how to keep our teeth healthy. We became tooth detectives to discover how to look after our teeth.  We sorted snacks into healthy and unhealthy piles, thought about our toothbrush and how much toothpaste we should use.  We solved some puzzles to discover what a fantasy child was doing wrong and why he had to have some fillings!