Squirrels Class

Our Year 2 and 3 class is called Squirrels

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2019 -2020

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In the event of the need to self isolate due to Corona Virus, please read the following information:

Spring Term 2020

Our topic this term is Wonderful World.  Please see topic plan below.

Wonderful World topic web

World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite book character.

Then we looked at the book The Lost Words.  We chose our own creatures or plants from nature and, based on the book, wrote our own poems.  After that we did our own illustrations for our poem.


In English we have done some hot-seating.  We were reporters interviewing someone who had seen an alien landing!


Number Day

This year we counted the different coloured sweets in a packet and made graphs to show how many they were.  We also made tessellations.  We had a small square that we cut across the middle and reassembled by putting the straight sides together.  We then repeated this to make a shape which we drew round to make the pattern.

We have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes.  We made 3d shapes out of straws and playdough.


This term we have been learning to do gymnastics

and dance.

Autumn Term 2019

Our topic this term is Here be Dragons!  Please see the topic plan below.

Here be dragons topic web


We designed our own Christmas plates.

We made our own hanging decorations for the Christmas tree.  First we had to find the best way to join fabric together – we all agreed that we would need to sew!  After designing our decorations we used blanket stitch to sew them together.

We made magic calendars to make home!

Christmas Cooking

We made Christmas biscuits.  We worked in small teams, reading, measuring and following the recipe.  The adults were only there if we needed extra help and to put the biscuits in the oven!

Cecilia Fiennes

We did our own research on a historic local figure – Cecilia Fiennes.  We presented out findings in many different ways and shared them with the rest of Squirrels Class before showing Badgers Class what we had found out.


We made our own Viking boats.  First we had to think about how to make the frame of our boat, then papier mache it before painting.  We also designed our own shields and sails to add.  We all did a fantastic job!

Odd Socks Day

What is bullying?  We made a class bullying definition which we have displayed in our class.  We wore wearing Odd Socks to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week this year. We are celebrating what makes us all unique.  We all coloured our own odd sock to put on a display to remind us of this message.

Fire service visit

We had a visit from the fire service to teach us what we need to do in the event of a fire in our own homes.  We learnt rhymes to help us remember, used puppets, played games and dressed up in some firefighting clothes.

The Bridge and the Lost Sheep

The Bridge visited Squirrels class to teach us about the lost sheep.  We heard the bible story and then used puppets to retell the story.  We all made our own sheep to take home.

Bulb planting

We have been planting bulbs outside the front of the school.

Harvest Festival

We made a bread wheatsheaf for our Harvest Festival.

Summer Term 2019

Our topic this term is Homes and Habitats.  Please see the topic plan below.

Habitats and Homes. Summer Term


On Friday 28th June we visited the Seacity Museum in Southampton to learn more about the  Titanic.

Armed Forces Day

We celebrated Armed Forces Day by making and racing paper aeroplanes, making boats and testing whether they would float holding a lump of clay and making our own armed forces badges from clay.


We had fun finding out about capacity and volume.   We used different vessels to measure water to find out which containers held the most.  We learnt about milli-litres and litres.

Secret Agent Training

During the last week of May we did our Secret Agent Training (S.A.T) assessments.  We all completed our tasks so came to school dressed as Secret Agents and completed a few activities throughout the day.  We worked in Houses to build the tallest marshmallow and spaghetti tower (not as easy as we thought!), cut cakes into fractions and make clock faces using sticks on the playground.

Living Things and their habitats.

In science we have been thinking about habitats.  We looked in the school grounds to see what micro-habitats we could find.

The Bog Baby

“One foggy Tuesday, Mrs Hillier found some blue slime on the doorstep.  After that, at play, she found a small, fluffy yellow feather!

Suddenly Miss Priestley came in and calmly told us that she had found a feather too.  So we went excitedly outside to look.  We looked under trees, in trees, on top of the bug hotel but no Bog baby.  At this point I was nervous.

Then we started to go back inside but suddenly I remembered about the slime so I shouted to Mrs Hillier.  We searched in bushes, I peered in trees, I checked under rocks but still no Bog baby.  Just then E found a stone that had a note on it.  Now we checked the dark. gloomy pond and guess what!  I found the Bog baby!”

Unfortunately the Bog baby disappeared so we made some posters hoping to find it!

Spring Term 2019

Our topic this term is Into the Forest!  Please see topic plan below.

Into the Forest! Spring Term


Easter Poetry

Please click on the links to see some of our poetry.

Haiku poems

Spring 1

Spring 2

Spring 3

Easter Cooking

We made some Easter biscuits and chocolate nests.  The adults in the class were only there to put biscuits into and out of the oven, everything else we had to do ourselves.  We read and followed instructions and weighed ingredients to make our Easter edibles!  We must have done this correctly because they were delicious!


We have made some moving posters to remind people to bring in crisp packets for the air ambulance.

Before thinking about our design criteria,  we had to make levers and linkages to see how we might make our posters move.  Then we designed our posters and decided what type of lever we would use.  Finally we made our posters.


Our topic this term has been Rocks and Soils.


We have been discovering how fossils are formed.  We looked at some fossils and then made our own!


We made a dirt pudding to show the different layers of soil.   Red jelly represented the inner and outer mantle of the earth, then a biscuit layer was the earth’s crust.  Next banana slices were put on next to represent the bedrock, then chocolate mousse was used to show the subsoil.  Finally we put an oreo on top to show the top soil.

World Book Day

We all dressed up as book characters.  We took part in the first Newton Tony Great British Book Make off!  First, we made book bunting, then posters with book quotes and finally an alphabet book.  Our alphabet book featured rainforest animals.


Number Day 2019

We found out the favourite number for each member of Squirrels Class and decorated a cake withe that number.  Then we drew bar graphs to represent this.   After that we answered some questions using our bar charts.

Next each group was given tubes of smarties.  We sorted the smarties into colours and counted them.  Using this information we drew pictograms and answered questions.

We also made a rainforest number line based on the book “One is a snail, ten is a crab”.

World Thinking Day

We celebrated World Thinking Day.  Children came to school in their Brownie, Guide, Beaver, Cub or Scout uniforms and we thought about Leadership.  We played some leadership games that made us think about how leaders choose to lead.


Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year.

Autumn Term 2019

Our topic this term is Fire!  Please click on the link below to see our topic web.

Fire! Autumn Term



We made our own calendars.  First we had to make our own stamp template of a tree.  We drew on cardboard and then cut our tree shape out.  Next we stamped four trees onto card.  When the trees were dry we used finger painting to decorate the trees in the four seasons.

Christmas biscuits.

We made some Christmas biscuits.  We worked as groups, measuring, mixing and cutting out shapes.  We needed to use lots of maths skills :  first we had to double all the amounts of the ingredients before weighing them carefully.

Christmas Plates

We each designed and then drew our own Christmas plates.


We made Christingles.

Shoes for Saint Nicholas

We made shoes for December 6th.  We left them on our desks to see if St. Nicholas would visit and bring us sweets, coins or sticks!  Luckily when we arrived back at school we found chocolate coins and lolly pops.

Children in Need

We all dressed in our spots to raise money for Children in Need.

Anti-bullying week – Choose respect

On Monday we all wore our odd socks to celebrate our individuality and what makes us unique.   Socks all look different but all do the same job so this helps us understand that although people may look different we are all equal.  We then made some sock puppets.


We had an amazing day celebrating the centenary of the end of World War 1.  We split into our house groups and took part in different activities.   We enjoyed making trench cake, which was very tasty, experiencing the sounds in the trenches and making poppies.  We had a serving member of the forces come in and talk to us about his job.  We all dressed up for the day.


We made some clay poppies to put with our Remembrance soldier outside.

Black History Month

We have looked at two artists, Lois Mailou Jones and Alma Woodsey, and done some artwork based on their work.


We have been thinking about directions.  We programmed beebots to turn left or right and clockwise or anticlockwise.   The Year 3s also thought about angles when they were rotating.


Our topic this term is Light and Shadow.  We drew round our friend’s shadows to see how shadows changed throughout the day.

Harvest Festival

We made a Harvest bread sheaf for our Harvest Festival.  We all worked together to weigh, mix and knead the ingredients.   We made two so that we could use one as decoration in the church and we could eat one.  It was delicious!


In PE we have been playing hockey.  Sometimes it is quite difficult to control the ball but we are improving all the time!


We had a visit from the NSPCC.  We learnt that children can be hurt on the outside and the inside.  We found that Childline is open all the time and we learnt the number to ring using actions.  We all know that we all need to “Speak out.  Stay safe”.

New Beginnings

We all talked about what our own talents were and how we were all different.  We then mixed our own skin colours and painted our self portraits.  What a talented class we are!

Summer Term

Our topic this Summer Term is “Stone Age to Iron Age”.  Please click on the link to see our topic web.

Stone Age topic web

Nature Walk

We had a nature walk on the Reserve.  We heard and saw many grasshoppers!  We also saw lots of butterflies and found out the names of the different species of flowers and plants we saw.

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

We all enjoyed participating in the school production.


We had an amazing trip to Stonehenge.   After looking around the exhibition we used a Discovery Feast box to find out about what the Stone Age people ate.  Then we looked around the replica Stone Age houses.  After lunch we had a guided tour around the Stones when we were able to ask questions.  Finally, we were allowed to walk up a barrow where we pretended to be burying our Queen.  It was a fantastic trip!


We took part in Socceraid.  Our Rights Respect Warriors set up a course on the playground that we went round.  Each House had to try to do it in the quickest time!

Fire Safety Visit

We had a visit from Caroline on Wednesday to help us to remember how to stay safe if there was a fire.  We learnt some rhymes to help us:

Matches, lighters never touch!  They can hurt you very much.

Sniff, sniff, sniff.  Beep, beep, beep.  Test your smoke alarms once a week.