Squirrels Class

Our Year 2 and 3 class is called Squirrels

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2019 -2020

Term 6

I hope you all had a super half term keeping safe.  We are now in our final term of this school year and hopefully the last few weeks of our unusual way of receiving and doing our learning.

Week Beginning 1st June


Week 1st June 2020

Home Learning Grids

Year 2

Year 3

30 Days of Wildness Activities

30 Days Wild Bingo

Window Poster colour-in


Unicef 5

Unicef 6

Well Being Wednesday

The Rock 1

The Rock colouring

Yoga Ninja colouring

Yoga Ninja

Word of the Day






Term 5

Week Beginning 18th May

I have sent out links so that you can listen to further chapters of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  You may wish to just listen rather than watch because the sound and filming do not match up which I find very distracting!  I will try to find out why this is happening and sort this problem out!

Some of the learning you have been doing at home.  Well done everyone!


Week 18th May 2020

Home learning grids

Year 2

Year 3

Word of the day







Year 2

Y2 Week 5 Day 1

Y2 Week 5 Day 2

Y2 Week 5 Day 3

Y2 Week 5 Day 4

Y2 Week 5 Day 5

Year 3

Y3 Week 5 Day 1_Powerpoint

Y3 Week 5 Day 2

Y3 Week 5 Day 3

Y3 Week 5 Day 4

Y3 Week 5 Day 5

Maths Rapid Reasoning

Rapid Reasoning – 180520

Well being Wednesday

Agent Grateful 1

Agent Grateful 2


Unicef 4

Week Beginning 11th May


Week 11th May 2020

Home learning grids

Year 3

Year 2

Word of the day.







Year 2

Y2 Week 4 Day 1

Y2 Week 4 Day 2

Y2 Week 4 Day 3

Y2 Week 4 Day 4

Y2 Week 4 Day 5

Year 3

Y3 Week 4 Day 2

Y3 Week 4 Day 3

Y3 Week 4 Day 4

Y3 Week 4 Day 5

Maths Treasure hunt

Home hunt Year 3

Home hunt Year 2

Well being Wednesday

Captain Calm 1

Captain Calm 2

Captain Calm 3


Unicef 4


Art – surreal-collage

Some Care Homes have written to thank you for your letters.  Well Done Squirrels!

Week beginning 4th May


Week 4th May 2020

Homelearning grids

Year 2 Squirrels Home Learning grid 040520

Year 3 Squirrels Home Learning grid 040520

Word of the Day






Maths Year 3

Maths Day 1 powerpoint

Y3_Week3_Day1_Use a fraction wall to compare pairs of fractions

Y3_Week3_Day3_Find pairs of fractions that add to 1

Maths day 4 powerpoint

Y3_Week3_Day5_Match analogue and digital clock times_quarter hour increments

Maths Year 2

Y2 Week 3 Day 1

Y2 Week 3 Day 2

Y2 Week 3 Day 3

Y2 Week 3 Day 4

Y2 Week 3 Day 5

Maths on the Move

Maths on the move Year 2

Maths on the move Year 3

VE Day

Year 2 VE day

Youtube link   https://youtu.be/64xozK7CpBk

Year 3 VE day

Youtube link   https://youtu.be/Qnh7sq4pvdY
The War is ending – answers
Other ideas for VE Day

design a medal worksheet






Unicef 3

Well being Wednesday 6th May

Cyber Sense 1

Cyber Sense 2


Week beginning 27th April

Squirrels weekly newsletter 2

Year 2 Squirrels Home Learning grid 270420

Year 3 Squirrels Home Learning grid 270420

Unicef 1

Unicef 2

Well being Wednesday 1 Make a pinwheel

Well being Wednesday 1 Breathing

Well being Wednesday 1 Colouring

Week beginning 20th April

Squirrels weekly newsletter 20th April

Home learning Grids

Year 2 Squirrels

Year 3 Squirrels

Spelling strategies


Spelling challenge cards

Times tables

Times tables practice information





As you are still staying at home and keeping safe I will add some more activities on our page for you.



Year 3 Code cracker 1 

Year 3 Code cracker 2

Year 3 Code cracker 3

Because we are all using screens more at the moment here are some on-line safety ideas for you:







Here are some more fun Easter holiday activities.

Bake-it-Chocolate-crispy-buns Make-it-Spiral-pattern Estimate-it-Minute-marathons Play-it-Guess-who Bake-it-Biscuit-Tower Move-it-Maths-treasure-hunt Move-it-Make-a-map Play-It-memory-games Estimate-it-Height-of-a-tree Make-it-Model-building Bake-it-Pancakes Make-it-Growing-Patterns

More pictures of what you have been doing at home.

3rd April 

Thank you to all of you that joined in the meeting and those of you that have sent pictures of what you have been doing at home.


Usually we have an Easter bonnet and Easter garden competition at this time in the term.  I thought you might like to make these at home and send photos in that I can share on our Squirrels page.   Maybe you could make Easter cakes and send a photo in?

Please continue to use the links below from 23rd and 30th March.  Also continue to look at the Noticeboard on the homepage where Miss Priestley will add other links and ideas.  The Care homes have been delighted to receive our letters and these are cheering the residents up when they can’t have visitors so keep up the letter writing!

Please all have a happy, safe Easter!

Home learning from 30th March

Please continue to use the links from 23rd March and look at the Noticeboard on the homepage of our website.

Please make sure you can say the alphabet in order, know the names of all the letters as well as the sounds they make and recognise all lower case and upper case letters.

Maybe you could learn to tie your shoelaces – a really useful life skill to learn.

If you can please write to a care home.  The residents have loved receiving the letters and pictures from us.  The addresses are in the link below:

Addresses for Care home letters

Home learning from 23rd March

Please read the following information:

A suggested daily timetable to support structure Newton Tony CE VC Primary School Daily Timetable

Spring Term 2020

Our topic this term is Wonderful World.  Please see topic plan below.

Wonderful World topic web

World Book Day

We all dressed up as our favourite book character.

Then we looked at the book The Lost Words.  We chose our own creatures or plants from nature and, based on the book, wrote our own poems.  After that we did our own illustrations for our poem.


In English we have done some hot-seating.  We were reporters interviewing someone who had seen an alien landing!


Number Day

This year we counted the different coloured sweets in a packet and made graphs to show how many they were.  We also made tessellations.  We had a small square that we cut across the middle and reassembled by putting the straight sides together.  We then repeated this to make a shape which we drew round to make the pattern.

We have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes.  We made 3d shapes out of straws and playdough.


This term we have been learning to do gymnastics

and dance.

Autumn Term 2019

Our topic this term is Here be Dragons!  Please see the topic plan below.

Here be dragons topic web


We designed our own Christmas plates.

We made our own hanging decorations for the Christmas tree.  First we had to find the best way to join fabric together – we all agreed that we would need to sew!  After designing our decorations we used blanket stitch to sew them together.

We made magic calendars to make home!

Christmas Cooking

We made Christmas biscuits.  We worked in small teams, reading, measuring and following the recipe.  The adults were only there if we needed extra help and to put the biscuits in the oven!

Cecilia Fiennes

We did our own research on a historic local figure – Cecilia Fiennes.  We presented out findings in many different ways and shared them with the rest of Squirrels Class before showing Badgers Class what we had found out.


We made our own Viking boats.  First we had to think about how to make the frame of our boat, then papier mache it before painting.  We also designed our own shields and sails to add.  We all did a fantastic job!

Odd Socks Day

What is bullying?  We made a class bullying definition which we have displayed in our class.  We wore wearing Odd Socks to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week this year. We are celebrating what makes us all unique.  We all coloured our own odd sock to put on a display to remind us of this message.

Fire service visit

We had a visit from the fire service to teach us what we need to do in the event of a fire in our own homes.  We learnt rhymes to help us remember, used puppets, played games and dressed up in some firefighting clothes.

The Bridge and the Lost Sheep

The Bridge visited Squirrels class to teach us about the lost sheep.  We heard the bible story and then used puppets to retell the story.  We all made our own sheep to take home.

Bulb planting

We have been planting bulbs outside the front of the school.

Harvest Festival

We made a bread wheatsheaf for our Harvest Festival.