Hedgehogs Class

Our Yr and Y1 class is called Hedgehogs Class

Happy Birthday Nillah!

This week there has been plenty of fun and cheer as we have been celebrating our class friend Nillah’s sixth birthday!

We put our glad-rags on and surprised Nillah with her very own birthday party, complete with a jam sponge cake that we made by following a set of instructions.

The children have enjoyed writing invitations, making cards, wrapping presents and counting out candles for their playdough cupcakes. Have a look at just a small selection of the amazing learning we have been involved in this week:


Fun with Elmer!

This term, the children are focusing on the topic of ‘Celebrations’. So far, we have looked at Diwali, Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night, and celebrating everybody being different through the story of Elmer. Soon, Christmas will be upon us and the children are already very excited to be learning the songs for their Nativity! Here are some photos of what we have been up to over the last few weeks.

Celebrations Topic link

Today we have been having fun exploring all of the learning activities inside and outside the classroom. We have been involved in building Batman’s car, writing superhero captions, building a numicon city, measuring conker rolls, weaving a super web and painting autumn leaves for our tree!

What an amazing trip to Manor Farm! The children looked wonderful in their Victorian costumes. We had great fun milking a cow, doing our chores in the Victorian house and going to the Victorian School. This week we will be writing recounts about our visit.

 Outdoor Learning

We have taken full advantage of the lovely weather today and so have been busy learning through play in our outdoor area! Children have been creating concoctions in our mud kitchen, looking for bugs in our nature area, phoning superheroes in our cosy tent and creating superhero capes in our tuft tray.


A Super Inventor!

This afternoon we have looked at another Victorian Inventor – George Stephenson. He is very famous for inventing The Rocket – the first steam powered locomotive! We had great fun bulding train tracks, making models, drawing a picture of The Rocket and making an electric cirucit to make a motor work!

 What a hero!

Image result for isambard kingdom brunel


Today we have learned about a hero of the Victorian period- Isambard Kingdom Brunel! The children were fascinated by his work, particularly that on bridges and tunnels!

Oliver said ‘He invented some amazing bridges’

Esme found out ‘Isambard Kingdom Brunel made a tunnel that was 2 miles long’.

Cassidy said ‘People were scared of his idea for a passenger railway, they thought their brains would boil as it went fast’.

We were even inspired to make our own bridges and challenged ourselves to make one that was 15 unifix long, using only 2 cups and paper!


Splish, Splash, Splosh on a rainy day!

What better way to spend a rainy day than being outdoors in our all-in-ones, splashing in puddles and exploring colour mixing!



Continuous Provision is an important part in the Early Years curriculum as it lets the children explore new ideas and concepts through play. These are the indoor activities we have planned for next week (25th September). Which do you think your child will enjoy?

OnFriday afternoon we have been practising our fine motor skills. These are very important in helping us learn how to do things like hold a pencil correctly, and write our letters properly.

Another terrible incident has occurred overnight in Hedgehogs class! The Evil Pea has escaped and has taken the vegetable hostage! Is there a Super Vegetable brave enough to rescue them…

To help Supertato, we designed our own Super Vegetables

We even did some Supertato Maths!

       Calling all superheroes!

Hedgehog class were thrown into chaos today as we received note of a terrible incident. Over the weekend our class friend Nillah was kidnapped. We were left with a set of clues to follow where we learned more about the villain that took her. Watch below as Kalley and Oliver tell you more…

                                          Awaiting video


Take a look at all of the fantastic learning we have been doing the first week back – no wonder we are all a bit tired!


Autumn Term

We are very excited to be back at school. Our topic this term is all about Superheroes and the children will be busy creating their own superheroes, making comic strips and learning about our super bodies! For a more detailed coverage of this term please see the overview below. This is what your child will be getting up to in the new Hedgehogs class!


Tricky Word List

Superheroes Overview

  Learning Through Play


Our trip to Bournemouth!


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